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An energetic pink hedgehog whom Sonic rescued back in Sonic CD. Initially she was a fan of Sonic's who she desperately wanted to meet, but their meeting was soon cut short with the arrival of Dr. Eggman and his new creation, Metal Sonic. Metal kidnapped Amy and Sonic had to save her and stop Eggman's plan of using Little Planet to mess with the timeline. After Eggman's defeat, Amy fell completely in love with Sonic and has made numerous attempts to start a relationship with him, often getting mixed up in his adventures as a result, much to his chagrin.

Amy has a very sweet and understanding personality. She always tries her best to understand and see the best in people and help them in any way she can and is very protective of her friends. Underneath her sweetness lies quite the temper however, something that even Sonic isn't immune to being on the receiving end of.