Bowser and his minions used to live here and when the gave up evil they used it for go Go-Karting, Playing Tennis and Golfing.

Dark Land Castle Edit

Bowser and his minions used to live here until Bowser stopped kidnaping the Princess and his minions now live in Neo Bowser City, while Bowser went to the Skylands to stop Kaos along with Donkey Kong.

After the Universe reset, the castle is abandoned and is only used for go-karting & Tennis tournaments.

Since its abandonment Boos, Scuttlebugs, Crowbers, Swoops, Bandits & skeletal creatures along with the Thwombs and WhoMPs has started to roam its halls with King Boo taking over the throne room.

Valley of Bowser CastleEdit

This is Bowser's Summer home. The Koopalings have taken the castle over from Bowser.

Only Bowser's Elite minions are allowed to live here, while the lower class minions live in Neo Bowser City.

Vibe Island CastleEdit

This is Bowser's other Summer home. Bowser Jr. lives here because the Koopalings didn't want him near them.

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