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Sonic's young sidekick: a small fox who can use his unique twin tails to fly. Despite his young age, he's a reliable and dependable ally to Sonic. In later games, he's come into his own as a genius inventor that even rivals Eggman. His real name is Miles Prower, and he grew up as an orphan, ostracized because of his twin tails. One day, he noticed Sonic's running by and was so awed by his speed, he tried to catch up using his tails. Sonic didn't pay the young fox any attention, but witnessing how he nearly caught up with him impressed him enough to take him under his wing and give him his well known nickname. Together, they foiled Eggman's latest scheme on Westside Island and the two became nearly inseparable.

Ever since their first meeting, Tails has tried his hardest to be the best person he can for Sonic's sake, often times by mimicking him. Humble, docile, and good-natured with mechanical prowess that can potentially rival Eggman's, but he never thought it was much of a big deal.