Milla Basset is a young, bashful orphan hush basset who possesses the power of Alchemy. Before she met Lilac and Carol, Milla lived alone in the woods, with the whereabouts of her parents unknown. To cope with her loneliness, she carves a face into a tree stump, calling it "Mr. Stumpy". One day, while playing with Mr. Stumpy near the ancient temple, Milla sees Lilac chasing after a Shang Mu Truck, and follows her with the intent of meeting a dragon. Shortly after saving Carol, who was trapped in a cave following their fight with the Mantalith, she befriends her and Lilac, who invites her to live with them in their treehouse. Later that night, Milla overhears Lilac and Carol talking to Torque, offering to help him stop Lord Brevon from stealing the Kingdom Stone for his galactic conquest. Wanting to stay close to newfound friends, Milla joins them on their mission to save Avalice from the brink of war, despite the dangers that lie ahead.